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Scottish CAMHS eating disorders steering group

SedigmediaHW 30th May 2017 Sedig News


Job Title: Parent Representative.


What is the CAMHS steering group?

The Scottish CAMHS Eating Disorders Steering Group was set up to by clinicians to stay connected, share knowledge and practice, learn from each other. It was also set up to promote change and gather information by hearing from families (parent representatives) about what is needed and how they can draw upon their experiences to inform practice.

Who is involved?

The Scottish CAMHS Eating Disorders Steering Group consists primarily of clinicians and supported by one or two parents (parent representatives) "to keep the whole thing real". In principle, the group would have representatives from each health board. Each representative would then report back to all relevant parties within their locality.

The vacancy?

This vacancy is now filled

Source: Permissions obtained

"Following Eva Musby's resignation from the CAMHS Steering Group the new parent/carer representatives are:

Heather Cassie and Mel Stevenson (job-sharing), and Leah MacGilp
Please get in touch with them directly for anything you'd like the steering group to consider:;;
Eva Musby will continue with the communications side, so if you are registered you will continue to get emails from her regarding anything the Carers representatives want to pass on to you.  Eva will also continue to manage a web page as a central go-to place here:"




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