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Who are we?...The committee members

Welcome to the committee! We are a diverse group of individuals who oversee, plan and organise SEDIGs events, conferences, finances and website. Members are (re-)elected each year during the annual general meeting.

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Dr Fiona Duffy- SEDIG Chair 

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in NHS Lothian and a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh with a special interest in the research, treatment and care of young people with eating disorders. 

Ailsa Crosley- Treasurer 

After qualifying as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young, I went on to pursue a general management career in media.  I have always taken a particular interest in business development and efficiency projects. More recently I have worked as a freelance executive business coach and business development consultant. I have experience living with and caring for a family member with an Eating Disorder.

Hazel Whyte

Eating disorders and their comorbid diagnoses create interesting dichotomies for me. As a psychologist , I am fascinated by their manifestation and frustrated by their power, yet I am also warmed by an individual’s capacity to overcome them. Likewise, my family are haunted by the memories such an illness can leave and yet we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, to those who fight to save the lives of those suffering.

Within SEDIG, I currently oversee the digital marketing.This work has been enabled thanks to a successful application for a grant from the Scottish Ministers. I am delighted to be a part this organisation and I hope that SEDIG can continue to be a unique forum for patients, carers and professionals to access help, share ideas and support each other through what is a very complex and difficult illness, but one that can be overcome!

Melanie Stevenson

I am the mother of a young woman who is recovering from anorexia nervosa and who was hospitalised initially in the Huntercombe Hospital in Edinburgh. The hospital psychotherapist mentioned SEDIG to me and suggested I might wish to join.  I have attended a few of the carers' conferences. SEDIG is a fairly unique organisation in the eating disorder world in that there are both parents/carers and professionals who have collaborated successfully over the years to bring about changes to patient care.  The neurobiological understanding of eating disorders and the recent developments in Scotland have led to huge improvements.  Nevertheless, there are still areas for change which SEDIG is uniquely placed to bring about and it continues to have much to offer to Scotland in furthering developments in patient care and management.

Linda Keenan

My name is Linda Keenan and I am the Manager for the Managed Clinical Network for Eating Disorders - North Scotland. I originally started attending SEDIG in 2006. I have been involved in organising the Carers Conferences over the past few years and have been the acting secretary for SEDIG over the past 18 months where I have been progressing Charitable Status for SEDIG with Dr Jane Morris.  I have recently passed on the secretarial position but remain on the Committee and now form part of the Marketing and PR sub team for SEDIG.

Dennis Robertson

I became aware of SEDIG after our daughter Caroline died of complications with Anorexia in February 2011. I was able to use my position as an MSP to hold Members Debates during Eating Disorder Week - raising awareness on an annual basis 2011 to 2016.  I  arranged   2  Eating Disorder conferences  at Holyrood and Alex Salmond when he was First Minister hosted an event at Edinburgh Castle again raising the awareness to a  new level.  I am no longer an MSP but will continue to contribute my expertise in raising the awareness of Eating Disorders at a local and National level. I am a husband,  father, and Guide Dog Owner.

Ian Macdonald

I am the father of a daughter who has been struggling with the difficulties which an eating disorder can produce. I have been a member of SEDIG for more than ten years and during that time I have served as a committee member, chair and currently treasurer. In conjunction with several others, I have been involved in mounting an annual conference for carers for the past five years. Although I have been involved on the committee as a carer my professional background is as an educational psychologist.

Dr Sam Aitcheson

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and service lead for the NHS Grampian outpatient eating disorder service in Aberdeen. My interests are in the development of psychological therapies across the severity range of eating disorders and eating disorder service development.

Anne Tremble

Colin and I lost our daughter Linda in April 2011. After, Linda tragically lost her 17 year battle with anorexia we decided to set up a charity in her memory, which we officially started in 2014. This took us back to places we didn't really want to go, but we wanted and needed to tell the story because it is such an important story to tell. We continually try to raise the awareness of Eating Disorders locally. It was during my research that I first heard about SEDIG and I decided to join since then I have attended a few of the carer’s conferences. Last year I decided that I would like to join the committee. 

Also on the committee

Laura Hulse

Sara Preston