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Who We Are

Established in 1993 and now with charitable status, the Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group is a unique supportive forum that integrates professionals, carers, those in recovery and any other interested members of the public.

When it was founded in 1993, SEDIG acted as a bridge across the regions in Scotland which were starved of resources and specialist services. In fact there were no official inpatient or speciality services at the time it was founded! And so SEDIG was a valuable resource in connecting communities and professionals.

Whilst services have expanded across most regions SEDIG continues to be a valuable resource in connecting communities in various ways.


  • Encourage collaboration between all interested parties in the field of Eating Disorders
  • Promote awareness of Eating Disorders
  • Link up the different regions across Scotland to support best practice via conferences and events
  • Work to increase public and political awareness of Eating Disorders and represent our members' views and needs
  • Develop stronger links with academic researchers to support carers, sufferers and professionals to influence research development and increase awareness of current research.

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